Immer Immer

If you genuinely like a variety of experiments...

Wellness released a new longplay called Immer Immer. The album is presented in the form of 13 tracks, which took place on 12 February at Popup-records.

Today for us guys from Germany prepared a little space romance. By the way, Immer Immer for Wellness has become the first studio work. European musical Quartet, first and foremost, liking so listeners who fanateût from indie rock, in which he implicated even with a handful of different genres including psychedelic rock.

Wellness approached responsibly to create their own, unmistakable sound. Yes, you can long arguing that old school, great value and stylish comfort lightly sound has become a trend among young artists, however, could make such a sound Wellness wall which cannot be confused with anything. Meanwhile, what you hear on Immer Immer, utterly inconceivable in another guise.

Immer Immer in all plans of harmonious studio work. Musical moves deftly intertwine and are on the verge of a musical absurdity, particularly with regard to daring experiments with genres.

If you genuinely like a variety of experiments, slightly perceptible breeze pin-up, old school sound guitars, Immer Immer from German music formations Wellness will become your number one album in the new year.

13.02.2016 10:08:18

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Immer Immer

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