While She Sleeps

The best shows the standard heavy sounding instruments individually and as a whole...

Young, but already featured representatives of the metalcore scene While She Sleeps have pleased fans of his new album Brainwashed. The work has entered the label Search And Destroy on March 20 this year. The band's debut album This is the Six (2012) and the North Stands for Nothing EP (2011). While She Sleeps-a couple of friends was formed by musicians exclusively for entertainment purposes in Sheffield in 2006 year. Debut EP album by the North Stands for Nothing, literally in a matter of months after the release of occupied all Internet portals of heavy music and charted tops over a long period. This is the Six consolidated the success of young musicians, and started receiving offers from reputable booking agencies and various labels.

While She Sleeps-a group that includes not only the soul but also with professional approach. Each work is a cut above the superior to its predecessors, but was Brainwashed. The musicians remained true to their powerful and the building's distinctive sound. The only thing that choppy in the group, so that the sound quality on the discs. On the album, Brainwashed to be shown the standard heavy playing time as the tools separately or pictures in General.

Modern technologies and wizards of Search And Destroy, have done their work at a high level. Two tracks from the album While She Sleeps removed the clips, the song Four Walls and Our Legacy. In support of the Brainwashed already this spring, the group went on an extensive tour through Europe.

25.03.2015 03:47:05
Genres: Metal, Metalcore

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While She Sleeps

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