Wild Nothing
Life of Pause

If your daily routine, you are missing something special...

Wild Nothing have released a new studio work, which was called Life of Pause. Longplay implicates 11 songs, which took place on 19 February on Captured Tracks.

Here and come to logical conclusion the musical trilogy by the American Quartet. The last musical chapter was called Life of Pause. Recall that the story began in 2010 with issue in light LP Gemini.

To begin, I would like to say that if you do not know the geographic location of the participants of the musical ensembles initially, then you can easily say that Wild Nothing the British team secondary hues. However, this kind of music for the United States is a real diamond, as actually shows extensive fan base Wild Nothing.

The Life of Pause guys continued their work in a mix of indie rock, dream pop, post punk and shoegazing. By the way, thanks to the latter, Life of Pause sounds so unusual. Even the impression that it is the music of bygone years. But this is nothing more than a tribute to a trend, we know it.

Returning to the reception of Life of Pause, you must say that longplay turned out not quite tense, and even vice versa. All instruments are pronounced in the mix and not lost, suggesting that the musicians wanted to make the music work in the full sense of the word.

If your daily routine, you are missing something special, and perhaps even the magical, the grey Cardinals of Wild Nothing and their new Life of longplay Pause not only distract you, but will adjust to the desired wave, for a productive pastime. Excellent and easy job, it recommended listening.

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Wild Nothing
Life of Pause

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