Into the Wild

Into the Wild from the Wildways can be called very decent work...

Wildways released their new studio disc, titled Into the Wild. The album has 12 tracks, which took place on 25 March Recording Artery this year.

More than three years have passed since musical band of the glorious city of Bryansk Sarah Where is My Tea took a new name. It can be said that the life of this interesting formation is divided into "before" and "after". Actually, changed its name and direction of the guys signed a contract with the famous label, where they released the disc.

For a start, it should be noted that the Wildways like their fresh offspring, is extremely blurry stylistic boundaries, but we can say that there is a post-hardcore, metalcore a bit. In order not to beat around the Bush, I would like to say that extremely Wildways similar to their Western colleagues Attila, you only pay attention to the song called Faka Faka Yes Yes to which, by the way, got a video work.

Of clear pluses studio work, I want to mention an excellent Western sound, very good and modern arrangements, the almost complete lack of emphasis as such, in fact, recall that musicians from Russia. A tough pill to swallow for Into the Wild frankly weak lyrics. Almost all compositions affect the theme of love in all its stages and manifestations. On the topic of diversity is not precisely enough.

Nevertheless, Into the Wild from the Wildways can be called very decent work which definitely raises the bar on the domestic scene to a new level. If not all longplay, several most hit tracks will definitely look to your playlist on twinkle.

27.03.2016 13:20:28

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Into the Wild

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