With Confidence
Better Weather

A great album for fans of carefree music...

With Confidence released fresh longplay, who received the title of Better Weather. The album was released June 17 on Hopeless Records and consists of 10 tracks.

Great to hold a summer season in the company of quality pop punk. This time the young Australian musicians With Confidence opened a new chapter in their own creativity and very eager to share with you my thoughts. Debut longplay, entitled Better Weather meets its audience enough classical pop punk music. It should be noted that With Confidence seriously differ from many colleagues on stage so that they and their music ardor only arose only spark was born, and wherefore frankly positive promise feels brighter than others.

You can exactly say that Better Weather had taken into account all the problems and flaws of previous EP releases. Perhaps the only thing that remained without attention, it's the quality of the sound, which could be better nowadays. However, this did not prevent the musicians playing on full and demonstrate enough good ideas.

Don't look for something new frankly in Better Weather. Here are all familiar to the pain, recognized all the little things, but somehow this listen, want belive of yourself With Confidence. Australian musicians almost never produce bad releases a new album With Confidence called Better Weather this another confirmation. A great album for fans of carefree music.

31.07.2016 14:25:44

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With Confidence
Better Weather

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