Theater Of Dimensions

For all fans Xandria, as well as Nightwish and Sirenia...

Xandria released a new studio album, which was named Theater Of Dimensions. The album was released on January 27 on Napalm Records and consists of 13 songs.

The famous German metal band this year has pleased fans of the creativity of its fresh album, which took the seventh position in the discography. Immediately I want to note that the Theater Of Dimensions as previous work done in the spirit of power metal and symphonic metal. This time 13 new songs take you slightly more than 74 minutes of life, but will give the lion's share of challenges to action and pathos, in a good way. These components and riddled with the seventh album by the German band.

In addition to the incredible memorable riffs, the album is replete with magnificent solos parties, excellent vocal Dianne van Giersbergen and just a good sound.

In general, the disc may not stand out as something radically new and unusual, but the Theater Of Dimensions you can hear the professionalism of musicians, their excellent composers peculiarities. Additionally I would like to say that the Theater Of Dimensions turned several brighter and produmannej its studio predecessor Sacrificium, which premiered in the year 2014.

Xandria have released a studio disc, which is definitely worthy of your attention. All fans Xandria, as well as Nightwish and Sirenia is dedicated to. Pleasant listening!

10.03.2017 09:37:05

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Theater Of Dimensions

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