Fading Light

Electronic mix of different styles...

Fading Light became Xenius new release, which occurred on 5 January this year. The album consists of 15 songs, record who was Xenius himself.

Very young performer, whose real name is Alex Kvist, within a short period of time managed to release not one and not even two release. The latest studio album became a Fading Light. Interestingly, the record and further technical work deals with the author himself.

All brilliant ideas come spontaneously. This is the best way to treat Xenius. From the words of the musician, his main inspiration to create music are movies. More specifically, Xenius carves small audio snippets from favorite pictures and puts them together, making a huge effort, sense of taste and professionalism. As a result, the output is very high-quality electronic mix of different styles. In addition, Swedish author not forgot about folk music that has also found its niche in almost every single track.

Applying such an unusual approach to creating about dancing so Xenius unless opens new styles, then exactly creates a completely different music, analogues which practically does not exist.

If you like experiments, the present progressiveness and creativity in music, the Fading Light from Xenius we strongly recommend you to bring to your attention. Pleasant listening!

1. Into You (03:22)
2. Altar (03:36)
3. Drifting Away (04:17)
4. Refix (03:32)
5. Incident Beyond the Sea (02:33)
6. Sympathy Outwards (02:46)
7. Remember (02:03)
8. Deep Emotions (02:22)
9. Fading Light (06:48)
10. Perfume (02:17)
11. Soul Keeper (04:34)
12. Falling Into Hollow Capacity (02:04)
13. The Meadow (02:45)
14. Drowned Shadow (03:45)
15. Ghost - Bonus Track (02:01)
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Fading Light

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