Yellow Claw
Blood for Mercy

Each composition leaves after seeing mark in the soul...

Yellow Claw released a fresh disc called Blood for Mercy. Longplay is represented as 16 songs, which took place on 20 November last month at Mad Decent.

Musical trio from Holland Yellow Claw, which is famous for its extraordinary approach to implement their ideas, finally after many years still bother to write the first full-scale studio work.

First I'd like to mention that the recording Blood for Mercy was attended by an impressive number of guest musicians the most different suits and different musical get togethers. Among them is worth noting separately Pusha T, Becky G, Lil Eddie, Kyler England, Maty Noyes and many others. Of course, each of the invited musicians contributed to the creation of Missouri as a whole, and also brought some diversity and without great Studio work.

The nature of Blood for Mercy is very ambiguous. The sound of the album ranges from drum'n'bass and dubstep, to radioformat hip-hop/rap with a slight taste of pop music.

Blood hits for Mercy enough. Literally every composition leaves after seeing a remarkable trace in his soul. Absolutely all of the tracks are remembered with the first auditions and I want to repeat this musical feast again. Dutch duo perfect temporary space for their work and 16 songs enough to fully get enough high-quality electronic music.

16.12.2015 11:52:30

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Yellow Claw
Blood for Mercy

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