Young Magic
Still Life

Young Magic unique vision of music, your ideas and approach to creating an atmosphere...

Still Life has become for Young Magic fresh album, which was released on 13 may on Carpark Records. The album consists of only 10 songs.

Today, on the agenda we have with you is extremely unusual and experimental duo hailing from the United States and its thirds full plate. Still Life quite difficult to any stylistic description, but we will try to identify the most important items included in the album. For starters, of course I'd like to mention dream pop, psychedelic soul and alternative, in addition to the Still Life there is place for krautrock and electronic elements.

Such an impressive stylistic list even more impressive. Each composition, documented in the Still Life, virtually no resemblance to each other. Juicy, incredibly rich and leisurely instrumental good diluted inimitable vocals Melati Malay. For those not familiar with the works of the Young Magic, the latest disc is a great reason to fix it. Well as comparisons, which immediately arise in his mind, it would be desirable to only lead duo Purity Ring and then, with great, as they say, a stretch.

Young Magic unique his vision of music, their ideas and their approach to recreating the atmosphere. By the way she's Still Life simply extraordinary. Still Life - tired music nature. Here you will find notes and melancholic, but also light hints of exhilarating fun. Longplay is perfectly suitable for concentrations and good evening.

25.05.2016 11:12:15

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Young Magic
Still Life

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