Yves Erson
Fill in the Blank

To Fill in the Blank gathers many amazing things...

Yves Erson released in light of fresh work, Fill in the Blank. Studio work includes 10 tracks, which took place on 10 November at the Rendez-Vous Digital.

French band named after their leader release his debut disc, which should immediately get into your music playlist and now we will try to explain why.

To Fill in the Blank gathers many absolutely stunning, albeit simple at first glance, things that make every lover of indie rock, blues rock experience very real. Taking into account the music that planned coincidence got to debut the musical work of Yves Erson, we note that it moderately diverse and varied enough that you enjoy. Yves Erson guessing with musical ingredients, which interact with each other.

Though Frank lyrical ballads do not fall to Fill in the Blank, the album is not deprived of mental overture, vividly presented on tracks If I and No One Knows. In other words the code fresh album filled with lyricism, which cannot be said about the Overture Fill in the Blank. Here, perhaps, Yves had pushed themselves to Erson high and just a few chords showed the power and dynamics, which is winding down after the song Mad, which, incidentally, is hardly the most memorable work from the entire debut album.

Fill in the Blank from Yves Erson recommended to fans of The Killers, The Black Crowes and admirers of the creativity of John Mayer.

1. Break Down (03:01)
2. I Feel (03:31)
3. Back Off (03:32)
4. Going Home (03:28)
5. Knock Me Down (04:06)
6. Mad (03:34)
7. If I (04:03)
8. Jack and Johnny (04:33)
9. No One Knows (03:53)
10. Blind Love (04:31)
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06.12.2015 11:28:13

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Yves Erson
Fill in the Blank

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