Zakk Wylde
Book of Shadows II

Southern atmosphere tastefully carefree...

Zakk Wylde has released a new Studio album, which was given the name Book of Shadows II. Longplay on April 8 saw the light on Entertainment One and consists of 14 tracks.

Here came the second part of the acclaimed solo gunman from famous American musician 20 years later. Solo work often deviated from the main cliche artists and listener can look behind the smokescreen of popularity and with your own eyes to take a look at other musical vision. This is absolutely true for Book of Shadows II. In addition, fresh longplay is essentially an ideological continuation of work, that the world saw in the distant year of 1996.

This time the composer and performer has prepared for us all 14 tracks, all of which are also seriously stylistically at odds with the main vector of creativity Zakk Wylde. Among the new tracks, haven found such genres as southern rock and even country. Copious amounts of acoustic losses on guitar, easy and not an obsessive sounding drums and vocals, which here is given primacy. Zakk Wylde and this time was able to hook the heartstrings of his fans. Separately want to mention a song called Sleeping Dogs, which the chorus is revealed like a ripe bud magnificent flowers. All music show with authentic southern atmosphere with its taste of carefree freedom.

Book of Shadows II from the leader of the Black Label Society Zakk Wylde appeals to many, not only for its relevance in topical, but also for alternative metal frankly the author and all the alternatives are interesting to the public.

12.04.2016 10:11:21

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Zakk Wylde
Book of Shadows II

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