Johnny Marr has done a cover of I Feel You from Depeche Mode

The British singer Johnny Marr has decided to cover the song of the legendary band Depeche Mode I Fell for You. This song was written in 1993 and became one of the best hits of the group. So Johnny chose her, and created a cover version to Record Story Day.

Also Johnny with his band played a concert where he sang the hit 93-go live. He said: I am so surprised that this song is close and my group too. Close in terms of playing time. When you create a cover version of a track, you have to leave there and part of yourself! ' Said Marr for Billboard.

Kvaer-this version was performed live on our concert and record hit the Internet on YouTube and it is worth saying that it has become very popular. After our tour, we were asked to do something for the Record Story Day, and we decided that the best option would be that the song "I Feel You".

Record Story Day held every third Saturday of April, starting with the 2008 season. On this day all the music shops hold mini-concerts and meetings with musicians. Sold exclusive recording on physical media. This day provides an opportunity to fans to get closer to its idols.

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Johnny Marr has done a cover of I Feel You from Depeche Mode

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