The Forlorn Divide

All that is left to The Forlorn Divide fade and pales...

Accuser release fresh studio album, which received the name The Forlorn Divide. Longplay contains 10 tracks, which occurred March 11 on Metal Blade Records.

The famous metal formation comes from Germany this year decided not to prolong the fresh release and released longplay, which took pride of place 12 in the discography.

Throughout his career, starting with the 1987 year, musicians have changed almost beyond recognition in the sound, but one constant has remained unchanged - thrash metal. On The Forlorn Divide he was forced to move because they were joined by groove metal, who added the album and the group as a whole required Kacha, and do not take it amiss for tautology, groove.

About as The Forlorn Divide themselves and the professionalism of the Accuser telling don't have vast experience in mind. However, we dare say that all that went before The Forlorn Divide fade and pales in comparison with a fresh plate. There can be no such luck, it certainly was worth the enormous efforts of the musicians achieve such density of sound, and such serious, relevant and contemporary material.

If you like hard-edged, almost Orthodox metal which is not deprived of all modern technological delights, as well as on inclined heavy music old school, we recommend to pay attention to The Forlorn Divide from the German metalheads Accuser. Pleasant listening!

17.03.2016 13:04:38

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The Forlorn Divide

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