After All
Waves of Annihilation

High technique and interesting manner of vocal...

After All released fresh longplay, entitled Waves of Annihilation. It was released on 10 June and NoiseArt Records consists of 10 songs.

Dear admirers of quality music, today we have on our agenda a real thrash metal attack from Bruges in Belgium. The quintet of professional musicians know a lot about classic thrash metal, and it has already been proven in fact. Waves of Annihilation meets us powerful and alive sound, which proberet to formication any fan of the genre. The compositions included in Waves of Annihilation are characterized by high technique and interesting manner of singing. Subject tracks and in general quite beaten up, but is still the place to be.

Regarding the composition of the Annihilation Wave aspect I would like to say that longplay anything special and unusual is not allocated, but the group and the album as a whole good leaves at the expense of good sound and vocals. True thrash metal fans will definitely be on that turn their attention within fresh LP from After All.

Finally I want to say a few flattering words about the album and noted that all new compositions were balanced, in other words in longplay nothing special is not allocated in the best or worst light.

After All with its new studio album Waves of Annihilation are ready to give your listener militancy and hold it through thickets of aggressive and powerful music. Pleasant listening!

24.07.2016 11:09:32

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After All
Waves of Annihilation

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