Alex Smoke
Love over Will

Alex Smoke dramatically widened its sound...

Alex Smoke released fresh longplay, entitled Love over Will. Studio work was published January 22 and includes 13 tracks of retirees on R&S Records.

A Scottish DJ, now based in London, release fresh album, which took the fourth place in the discography of the musician. This time, 13 new included longplay lambent tracks that are ready to surprise its audience entirely new and incomprehensible in other musicians tunes.

Stylistic boundaries album Love over Will are entirely the author's standard boundaries, namely electronica and techno. However, most attentive fans of electronic music, will find in the vastness of the fresh songs not yet one the heels of genres that periodically zip on the album.

Love over Will, like all other work by British author, completely unique and not comparable with anyone. Being omnivorous, composer Alex Smoke dramatically widened its sound through a variety of other styles mix, as well as the important role played in these matters over the years forged professionalism.

Alex Smoke and his new Love over studio work Will definitely will appeal to all lovers of electronic music not only of different suits, but for those who thirst for new experiments. Pleasant listening!

21.02.2016 08:41:12

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Alex Smoke
Love over Will

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