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Jomsviking offers listeners a true world filled with people's component...

Amon Amarth released a new studio album, which was given the name Jomsviking. The album consists of 11 tracks, which took place on 25 March on Metal Blade Records.

For the famous musical Viking Jomsviking became jubilee, 10-th album what we have them all and congratulations. The Swedish team, as the statistics show, comes into the studio not less than once in two years, however, the release of all fans of the Jomsviking had to wait for about three years. Frankly, this album is not a sin would wait even more, as there is a new level flight of creative thought.

Jomsviking offers listeners a world that is filled with true folk component, which are so proud of the Northern peoples. The lyrics also Missouri fresh on top as before - a little fantasy, a few words about gods and maybe even a pinch of occult, not shrouded by fanatical ideas.

Musically, 10-th album of Swedes on his style has not changed - close to good-old, all familiar and beloved melodic death metal, in the best tradition of last creativity Amon Amarth. Yes, you can add more exactly such a stylistic concept as folk metal, for obvious reasons, but on what is, perhaps, trivia.

Additionally I would like to say that the ranks of Amon Amarth last year left the drummer, a new musician group and did not find, fresh plate attended the sessional musician, who incidentally coped with tasks perfectly.

Amon Amarth release sultry jubilee work Jomsviking, which will satisfy all fans of the group and just plain lovers of good quality, and most importantly, conceptual metal.

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Amon Amarth

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