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The album was really new and fresh for the team...

Anacondaz released a new album called come out for me. The album was released on February 24 Invisible Management and consists of 12 compositions.

Famous Astrakhan guys this year was delighted his fans new studio work, which was fifth in the discography. This time the emphasis from hip-hop/rap was quite abruptly switched to rock, but surprises start.

The fifth album of musicians included several singles that were released earlier, namely, Trains and Angel. Actually the whole barrage of emotions and positive charge starts straight from the first track Save but not save, and continues until the song rock star and BDSM. Next on the list has several songs released by sound, but not on the concept and everything is back to normal, where it all began. The disc ends with a fairly soft and light song called trains.

It should be noted that the fifth album Anacondaz became really new and fresh for the team. Come out for me shows that Anacondaz is not afraid of experiments on a music career. Groove music and excellent texts as always go side by side in activities Anacondaz. Pleasant listening!

16.03.2017 14:29:37

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Выходи за меня

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