The Plottin Project

It was a good studio job...

APH released his fresh studio record, which was named the Plottin project. Commonly was released on February 3 on the artist's own label and contains 11 songs.

The musical adventure of a Las Vegas musician was a long time ago, but it is the fresh release of Plottin project that is particularly remarkable and interesting. The guy performs hip-hop/rap in his best contemporary traditions, and only occasionally reciting all the cultural heritage that is available in the genre.

To participate in the recording of his new job, APH invited artists such as Jovi Jov, L Rick and Jazz Lazer. The record was made in a violent and sufficiently transformative manner. The Plottin project is successfully balancing between the two extremes, making it graceful and very interesting. We also want to add that instrumental to 1997 is not as basic as originally intended. In addition to classical bits, there are also inserts of the piano, such as the ready to ride and home tracks.

The 11 tracks from the new album will not let you be bored if you are a fan of the genre and have no disdain for everything that is happening in the world of modern hip hop. The Plottin project from APH was generally a good studio job, but did not pole the stars from the sky. Perhaps the latest American release did not have the original thought of the totality of the original music. Nevertheless, everyone has a nice audition!

14.06.2017 10:52:46
Genres: Hip-Hop/Rap

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The Plottin Project

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