Aphex Twin
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

Aphex Twin refers in his work to "natural", acoustic instruments of...

I wonder, whether shared with Richard David James, his Russian wife sense sayings "everything, there is nothing"? Looks like Yes: at the end of 2014, the album's first release, an Syro for thirteen years under the name Aphex Twin EP and now here is Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2 (i.e. "computer-controlled acoustic instruments, part two").

This is not the first time that Aphex Twin, long has earned the status of a madman genius electronic music refers in his work to "natural", acoustic instruments. No surprise if you know about a long love of Richard James to classical music. Still, it repeatedly "slizannoe" under the carbon copy of countless imitators, is instantly recognizable-no matter which tools have used (or not used) is a musician in the particular case.

In line with the name of the release, we hear a lot of natural instruments (percussion, piano and other), full of people, and not by means of digitally transmitted signals. I hardly need to focus on this point, with more attractions than attitudes to creativity. Better pay attention to the music itself, that surely will please old fans and is unlikely to win new ones.

Most likely, Richard James at all this spitting from the height of the machine that controls the "virtual" musicians "playing" on the EP. It is possible that he recorded this disc just for yourself. And while some critics praised the returning Aphex Twin to the skies, while others mercilessly pesočat his new creations, Richard James, perhaps they even reads: it is busy. He composes music. Subjectively, the best track of the album is the opening of its diskhat ALL prepared1mixed 13.

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Aphex Twin
Computer Controlled Acoustic Instruments pt2

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