Band of Horses
Why Are You OK

If you want to hear something familiar and classic...

10 June release of a new studio LPs from the group Band of Horses under the name Why Are You OK. Longplay was released on Interscope Records and contains 12 songs.

For the American gang Band of Horses fresh album Why Are You OK was the fifth studio work. To begin, I would like to note that on Why Are You OK found refuge such stylistic branch as indie rock and southern rock that quite unusual and original. In fact, the situation is so that is based on just the same indie rock, which is decorated with a small portion of southern rock. This gave an extraordinary flavour and without quality and enjoyable disc.

The fifth album of American musicians has absorbed all the most vivid, memorable and simply better that in previous studio attempts to Band of Horses. On Why Are You OK, almost every song you hear the pompous chorus with excellent vocals, pretty good, and most importantly a memorable keynote and, of course, the atmosphere of summer madness. Why Are You vocals deserves separate tirad, because of his excellent rhythm and timbre for relevance style plates just beyond all expectations.

Why Are You OK from a young band Band of Horses deserves your attention if you want to hear something familiar and classic, but in a fresh format and with light notes of newness. Great studio album for true connoisseurs.

30.07.2016 10:22:35

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Band of Horses
Why Are You OK

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