Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic

The disc requires a thoughtful and careful listening...

Between the Buried and Me July 10 released fresh album, called the Coma Ecliptic. The album consists of 11 tracks that came out on Metal Blade Records.

As many as three years, all the fans have been waiting for new songs from pioneers of modern progressive metal. Probably no longer meet heavy music lover who doesn't know about this American phenomenon, as Between the Buried and Me, these guys deserve to be called the musicians, because such a competent music is given do not each.

Coma Ecliptic is one album, which is a great continuation of the previous Staffa and the beginning of a new stage in terms of technique and musicality. Again American musicians combined death metal and metalcore, progressive metal, but, of course, was taken last.

On the new disc, the music became even more "intellectual" and rich, and the structure of the compositions became even harder to predict. Adult reefs, varied vocals, which range from aggressive strain, to melodic cleaner makes a crazy variety in Coma Ecliptic.

It should be noted that a new longplay Between the Buried and Me is not suitable if you want to use it as a background. The disc requires a thoughtful and careful listening, moreover, Coma Ecliptic at once, because musicians laid in longplay so many ideas that even over a few times to understand the essence of it is simply impossible.

Despite this intimidating description, album is perceived very easily and unobtrusively, perhaps this is what is called musicianship and professionalism.

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Between the Buried and Me
Coma Ecliptic

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