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Say Yes

Say Yes will quench your thirst for music...

17 June at FatCat Records released a studio album entitled Say Yes, sponsored by Big Deal. The longplay entered 11 tracks.

Musical formation, which started its career as a duo, and after grew into a full-fledged band, released its third full-scale work. On the shoulders of the Say Yes was given enormous responsibility, because after the release of the first two studio LPs, which caught the positive feedback from fans, Say Yes should have minimum does not disappoint.

It is noteworthy that the stylistic markers Say Yes quite extensive and represent a mix of pop, rock, new wave and synthpop slightly. Of course, in the beginning I want to talk about the eponymous track of the album. Composition no gift was presented to several earlier than the LP, but it can be accurately organize minimum value judgement. The track is akin to the album, melodic enough, but full of musical chaos that increasingly can be attributed to the technical side. Vocals Alice Costelloe still does not reflect and pleasant. Regarding the plates Say Yes I want to say that it causes a mixed, but turbulent emotions and as a result longplay wants to listen again. As at previous studio creations, to Say Yes was influenced by such bands as Pixies and Depeche Mode.

Big Deal with its fresh studio album Say Yes will quench your thirst for music and will give a portion of fresh, high-quality and original music. Pleasant listening!

05.08.2016 15:01:48

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Big Deal
Say Yes

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