Almost every track is filled with fast pace and speed samples...

Billx released his new longplay called Fractal. The album consists of 9 songs that came out on Undergroundtekno Records.

The young artist has prepared for all fans of electronic music a real miracle. The second disc is a fresh full-scale work of young French musicians. The author himself describes his work as, i.e. Hardtek fusion of electronic and hardcore styles.

Billx to be a true leader of underground electronic scene not only France, but across Europe. His unique ideas and terrific approach to implementation thereof is striking for its originality and precision.

The author himself for five years is gaining popularity, constantly releasing EPS, longplay and reinforcing their live performances. I would like to say that Fractal possibly is the work, which will increase the popularity of a musician in several times.

Listening to the fresh songs, just notice how deftly the musician controls the remote control and all unusual sounds. Separately, I want to say about the integrity of the sound on the album. All songs are perfectly balanced and have a characteristic this chip, so to speak, that has become a familiar element of every creation of the French author.

Almost every track is filled with fast pace and speed samples, from what the disc will show itself in the fine Fractal different dance venues.

I would like to say that longplay from Billx is close in spirit to those releases and those teams that carried the dancefloors in the 90-ies under the auspices of the rave wave. Billx has a unique sound and its delivery, however, echoes of possible roots do exist.

12.06.2015 07:52:49

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