Blue Foundation
Blood Moon

Deep and rich studio album...

Blue Foundation released a new studio disc, which was called a Blood Moon. The album was released on September 2 on Dead People's Choice and contains 13 songs.

Danish musical group this year has pleased all the fans own creativity fresh longplay Blood Moon, who took fifth position in the discography of the Blue Foundation. If we talk about the stylistic direction of the new album, then it would be desirable to note the main directions, so how to enumerate and talk about parts in music Blood Moon side sheets can be extremely long. Blue Foundation on the Blood Moon express hardness in his choice fell on trip hop, electronic and ambient.

In the recording of the Blood Moon participated not only the famous duo, but various guests, namely Jonas Bjerre, Erika Spring, Mark Kozelek and not only. Total longplay turned out to be quite measured. This action by the standards themselves, the Blue Foundation comes only to the sixth track - Stain a Broken Heart, where excessive calm comes to naught after the effervescent, positive and extremely bewitching instrumental.

To say that Blue Foundation created a drab album - language is not turned. If after the first acquaintance you and thought you should more thoroughly listen plate. It is hidden a lot of interesting moments in both composition and singing. Deep and rich studio album from the Danish duo Blue Foundation undertakes to be interesting, if you are looking for something atmospheric and attractive.

29.09.2016 15:14:26

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Blue Foundation
Blood Moon

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