Blue October

In recent years the gang has expanded their sound...

Home Blue October has a new album, which occurred on 22 April on the Up/Down-Brando Records. Fresh studio album absorbed to myself 14 songs.

Famous musicians from Texas-based band Blue October does not convey the surprise its fans for its open-minded that strongly affects the music band. Collective distant 90-s started the way with alternative rock and post-grunge, which eventually became or has slipped, now personally for each separately, experimental rock, indie rock, with elements of alternative rock. Blame or praise the genre changes within Blue October you can endlessly, but where better to draw fresh attention to the creation of the gang called Home.

LP impossibly deep and diverse. Most of the musical lines executed simply and insanely stylish, which is only the opening track titled Coal Makes Diamonds. Blue October have continued to bump into british sound with the song Driver and now glee fans have to the old guard to track Heart Go Bang.

Blue October trying to do radio format and do it successfully. In recent years the gang has expanded its sound good, thanks to some new instruments, which is good. Home turned out to be easy and very intimate studio album that appeal to many. Do not stay on the sidelines and see how the world is changing, and together with him and music from Blue October.

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Blue October

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