Blue Stahli

Will appeal to fans of the original styling combinations...

Blue Stahli released a new disc called Premonitions. The album saw the light of day 26 August at the FiXT and contains 7 songs.

Followed by The Devil, which came out last fall, acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Bret Autrey has released the fresh release that takes the second place in the discography after a stunning debut. It should be noted at once that the new album is executed in a similar format, with a debut album and is a mix consisting of nu-metal, electronic rock and industrial metal.

Premonitions has more pronounced electronic component, rather than the first full album of the author, and therefore without a fresh sound boring and failing quickly gives way. It is also interesting to note that the Premonitions completely instrumental and is quite unexpectedly. A few depressing the number of songs on this album. Even during the first work Blue Stahli maximally seriously established itself as an excellent artist with original ideas, and if The Devil thereof, then to Premonitions scarcity. Apparently, Premonitions is a intermediate work, after which will be followed by another explosion.

Blue Stahli released a good album which came out at a decent level. The album blatantly lacked the vocal and a few more songs for the sake of completeness. Premonitions definitely will appeal to all lovers of the original styling combinations. Pleasant listening!

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Blue Stahli

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