Blue Stahli
The Devil

If you like a combination of metal and electronics, this rare event like Blue Stahli categorically cannot be ignore...

Blue Stahli released a new disc format, which is referred to as The Devil. Longplay was released 2 October this year and consists of 12 compositions.

Bret Autrey and his project called Blue Stahli recently released debut album, despite previous musical merit, you can name. Immediately I want to deal with the stylistic directions album because there are a few things to talk about. The Devil is made at the junction of the electronic rock, nu-metal, industrial metal and it's all in the best tradition of notorious Celldweller. By the way Maestro Clayton of Celldweller and took guardianship under the wing of his label Bret Autrey and his unusual project Blue Stahli.

No wonder it today came on the Celldweller and similar stylistic mix, because Blue Stahli, perhaps the only artist, close to similar sounding, so all fans here. The impact of sound on The Devil label influenced and this somewhat heard especially with regard to the arrangements. Classic guitar and rhythm section is tightly intertwined with electronic inserts, as well as with vocals that gives broad harmony of sound.

In truth, Blue Stahli from Celldweller distinguishes more Spartan and pushy nature, largely thanks to the vocals and electronics. The voice of the author on the disc is very specific and sometimes think that Blue Stahli is a German musical project, but not from Detroit, so if you like a combination of metal and electronics, it is a rare event, as the album from Blue Stahli ignore categorically impossible.

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Blue Stahli
The Devil

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