Born of Osiris
Soul Sphere

The musicians returned to their original sound, fulfilling the gloomy atmosphere...

Soul Sphere was Born of Osiris new album, which was released on 23 October this year. Longplay consists of 12 songs, which took place with the support of the Sumerian Records.

Dear listeners and fans of heavy music, just recently happened worthy event on the stage, after all, Born of Osiris released their fourth full-length album. Must be confessed, at the plate and was entrusted with a huge and hardly the final hope from guard fans. We remind that The Discovery, which is the second longplay of Americans shot more powerful any gun, in contrast to the debut. After that, the group left the mainstream composer Jason Richardson. Tomorrow We Die Alive became Group hereby black album, despite commercial success. Real fans cold took a plate for his candid simplicity, not inherent Born of Osiris.

The Soul Sphere, contrary to expectations, foes of the gang, several musicians returned to their roots and to its original sound, fulfilling the gloomy atmosphere created thanks to the excellent samples, complex guitar parties and aggressive vocals. Born of Osiris drowned, but not overshoot with the technical aspect. On longplay there is a huge niche to clean vocals, for example composition Throw Me in the Jungle.

In general, listening to the album remained mixed impressions. On the one hand, the musicians not bad mix sound of the previous album and first longplay, but on the other hand in terms of ideas, unfortunately, jump over The Discovery of the musicians still failed. However, the album can truly be called rehabilitation, because it will guide the group on the way forward, which want to see numerous fans of musical ensembles from Illinois.

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Born of Osiris
Soul Sphere

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