Bryan Adams
Get Up

On the disc, with enough space for country, and for the classic rock-n-roll...

Bryan Adams has released a new album called Get Up. The album has 13 tracks, which took place on 30 October at Universal Music.

A talented person is talented in everything. This is a well-established phrase fits the actor, composer, musician and photographer Bryan Adams, who recently gave the music world with its fresh longplay, who took 13-place in the discography of Bryan Adams.

Get Up enough conservative framework was created, especially for artist - pop, rock. But in spite of this, on the disc with enough space for country, and for the classic rock'n'roll. Interestingly, it is the last album begins. Composition You Belong To Me, a stunning way to imagine the listener, largely thanks to the simple-to-remember, the keynote of the chorus, and, of course, a positive wave that radiates track.

Available on the Get Up and experimental elements to the author. A striking example of this is the song entitled Brand New Day, which sounds a bit heavier than the others and has a more pronounced rock color. Together with this, Bryan Adams demonstrates on track slightly different vocal flow, with a slight huskiness that adds more colour compositions.

And for lovers of acoustic elements, Bryan Adams has produced a whopping four acoustic versions of songs such as Don't Even Try, We Did It All, and the already mentioned You Belong To Me and Brand New Day and completes the author's latest work to Get Up.

25.11.2015 18:14:53
Genres: Pop, Pop Rock

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Bryan Adams
Get Up

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