Celebration Worship
Our God, Our Mountain

Art and expression to the delight of the audience...

Celebral Worship released a new studio work under the name of Our God, Our Mountain. The album consists of 11 tracks, which saw the light of day on January 29 Celebral Church.

Musical Celebration Worship formation with the release of Our God, Our Mountain opened for themselves had not previously experienced territory - the release of full-length LPs. The first two EP album gang were, certainly, are good, especially in the circles where love fusion of pop and gospel, but too few compositions left plenty to get enough songs, Prophet of God.

This time the musicians honed in longplay 11 songs that significantly expanded the range of creativity. However, by the end of the plates is the same notorious shortage is felt again. In contrast, Celebration Worship themselves produced a completely different material, which completely outperforms its predecessors that musical ideas themselves, that production as a whole.

The title songs, text component and the whole atmosphere at longplay, in principle, remained unyielding constant that tells his listener about God and his good deeds. The musicians argue that all that we hear at Our God, Our Mountain is the result of the presence of God. To summarize this, I would like to note that sparkle with style and sincere faith, this case is of course good, but Our God, Our Mountain with the overkill. But no fanaticism, propaganda and other things, certainly not here. Only art and self-expression to the delight of the audience.

Despite all this, music, included in Our God, Our Mountain charming and gorgeous. Each of the songs will not leave you bored alone.

04.02.2016 09:11:09
Genres: Pop, Gospel

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Celebration Worship
Our God, Our Mountain

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