End of an Empire

Metal on the disc clearly deficit...

Celldweller razrodilsâ new album whose name is the End of an Empire. Full plate is presented in the form of 33 tracks, which successfully took place on November 6 at the musician's own label.

Scott Albert with his musical child Celldweller has long been knocked all the fans and haters number of their own releases. This time we will talk about new and attention, brand new full-size longplay, which seems to definitively terminates the musical saga, entitled the End of an Empire that lasted for the past two years. The old fashioned way, insane amount of surprises with its diversity, its lyrics worth take Heart On track, on which were displayed as electronic musician's thoughts, and industrial metal and further consider the composition of Good L_ck, where in the best traditions of the front fans brought alternative metal. But, perhaps, enough about all the tags on the hated today.

Moreover, the End of an Empire is a series of musical sketches, which ranges from a small intro to full three-minute songs, titled Faction with a corresponding index. There is nothing to be surprised, because plate, as a conceptual, actually like all works of Maestro Clayton.

After seeing the End of an Empire wants to summarize that still see metal on the disc clearly deficit in comparison with the previous creations of the author, in retaliation, the singer and main generator of ideas by Scott Albert offers the public a fairly diverse electronic, which clearly you like.

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End of an Empire

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