Charles X

Mood LP varies from one extreme to the other...

Charles X released a new album, which received the name of Peace. Longplay was released 13 January at Bordeaux Rock/Tentacule Records and has 12 tracks.

24-year-old musician from Los Angeles with the release of fresh album seriously surprised those who heard the work and will surprise those who are only going to get acquainted with the Peace. LP was is simply not multifaceted and represents a collective image of all steep and incredible what happened in hip-hop/rap music, soul and jazz, of course.

Immediately it is difficult to describe in a few words the mood LP, as it varies from one extreme to the other. The album has a good sound that clearly and correctly displays the essence of the art of music coming from the author.

Composer and performer throughout the album himself Charles X, with the exception of one track is the Wind, which was recorded in conjunction with Georgia Anne Muldrow.

If you want to hear something unusual, and by modern standards, industry, original, then Charles X with its fresh ыtudio album Peace is definitely for you. Excellent, innovative ideas with a look at the past clearly find their positive response from the listener. Pleasant listening!

12.02.2017 10:26:52

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Charles X

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