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All comers expects this impenetrable masses...

Chelsea Wolfe fired a fresh release, called the Abyss. Delux version of the album contains 16 songs, which took place on 1 April on Sargent House.

Ladies and gentlemen, your attention newest, jubilee studio recording from the enigmatic performer United States. The 10-th record, 32-year-old Chelsea Wolfe continues to resist the temptation to experiments and never ceases to amaze.

You can keep a dispute about the stylistic trends of the Chelsea Wolfe and her new Abyss. However, it is worth noting that the constants in the form of gothic rock, electronic and neofolk remained unchanged. In addition, these components, as before, were peppered with a pinch of dark ambient and drone metal. An amazing combination, isn't it? Now imagine that on top of this instrumental is obtained crystal-clear voice most Chelsea Wolfe.

At the first listening LP, clearly understand that better names for such a grim and desperate plates just doesn't come up. All comers expects this impenetrable abyss that will last throughout the 16 songs.

Interestingly, the Abyss also includes 2 bonus tracks, as well as demo versions of some songs that were first presented at the jubilee studio disc.

If you are looking for a truly original and, most importantly, atmospheric music with no genre prejudice, it is highly recommended to sensitize the plate Abyss from the American performer Chelsea Wolfe.

18.04.2016 15:08:26

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Chelsea Wolfe

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