A Head Full of Dreams

The brightest and most eccentric album Coldplay...

A Head Full of Dreams became Coldplay fresh longpleem, which consists of 11 songs, 4 December at the famous retired label Parlophone Records.

The seventh studio work from well-known British alternative rock, pop rock, brit pop team long before its release, just after the official announcement from Coldplay, was doomed to success. Definitely added fuel to the fire last rumor, not officially confirmed by the team participants that A Head Full of Dreams can become the final musical work from Coldplay.

Perhaps after the first careful listening A Head Full of Dreams I'd like to mention the frenetic progress Coldplay as musicians and composers. Only a year has passed since the release of their sixth studio work Ghost Stories, and sound and character of the seventh plates has changed dramatically. Permanent frontman Chris Martin, of course, repeatedly in his interview said that the future album carries the banner of experiments and noted that future work will differ slightly from what the group has done before, but not so.

Changes the heart and soul of the perceived extremely warm, Coldplay with us, with listeners, were all likewise honest and sincere, as all words are better compositions. Fresh 11 tracks, you can easily select songs that literally will soon reap of loud hit. Such work as A Head Full of Dreams absolutely do not want to compromise and give the opportunity to feel dramatically fresh work from the masters.

Finally I want to say just one thing: If A Head Full of Dreams really become the final musical work for Coldplay, she remembered all listeners as the brightest and eccentric disc. Best album for such a sad decision to come up with impossible.

06.12.2015 13:00:52

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A Head Full of Dreams

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