Coleman Hell

Powerful and memorable studio disc...

Coleman Hell released a new disc called Summerland. The album was released on Columbia Records on October 14 and consists of 12 tracks.

Today we in an ongoing programme of fresh releases hit the young artist from Canada with his debut studio album. Summerland is ready to offer its listener 12 new songs, which can be described as a combination of indie, pop and electronic. It is interesting to note that at the end of serious rhythmic and dance direction, when you talk generalities.

Such tracks like 2 Heads and Fireproof coming out over the past two years as singles. Not only that, they collected many awards, and in cooperation with the rest of the songs LP, they pose a serious danger to other artists of similar styles. Simply put, many may remain in the shade, after large-scale success of Summerland.

Songs of Summerland, have excellent tunes, right, Yes, and generally excellent production, so this matters not. Actually, as well as the voice of a young Canadian artist. Also, it is noted that Coleman Hell vB3 is a composer and his own songs.

Coleman Hell with his debut album Summerland may interest you, if you are inclined to a combination of electronic and pop music. Powerful and memorable studio album from a young artist. Pleasant listening!

02.12.2016 16:47:06
Genres: Pop, Indie, Indie Pop

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Coleman Hell

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