Welcome to Fat City

Crobot released a powerful studio work...

Crobot released a new album titled Welcome to Fat City. Longplay consists of 11 tracks, which took place on 23 September on wind-up Records.

Welcome to Fat City - it's love at first sight, from the first note. For a relatively young musical Crobot - Welcome to Fat City became a full-fledged album. thirds It is interesting to note that on Welcome to Fat City musicians combined classic hard rock with blues rock and stoner rock.

On the album passed mood which prevails will not leave bored any amateur sound "heavier". Absolutely every submitted track on the album maximum dynamic and full of grooves. A pleasant mix of blues rock with stoner ahead makes Welcome to Fat City winning on all fronts. Vocals Welcome to Fat City and Crobot in general can be broadly characterized as classic without much surplus, but it is complements the music and makes the synergy essential attribute the success of the team.

Sound musicians recreated on Welcome to Fat City, does not differ special originality, but the template perfectly convey the very musical idea. Generally speaking, this statement is also true for the cover plate by looking at which almost every fan of heavy music can predict some events that will evolve.

Crobot released a powerful studio work, which cannot be left without your attention. Simple and dynamic tracks to make your mood was not only excellent, but martial. Pleasant listening!

17.10.2016 13:37:11

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Welcome to Fat City

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