Crystal Castles
Amnesty (I)

Interesting studio album by experimental band...

Crystal Castles released a new album, which received the name of Amnesty (I). It was released on Fiction Records on August 19 and consists of 11 songs.

About 4 years have elapsed since the issuance of the previous LP from the Canadian experimental band Crystal Castles. Since then, much water has passed under the bridge and there were even some personnel changes. Now the position of the vocal is Edith Frances. With the release of the fourth studio LPs Amnesty (I) Crystal Castles have opened a new chapter in their own creativity and as marked (I), this is only the beginning of a fresh musical history, the length of which is still not known.

The stylistic boundaries of Amnesty (I) are located between the witch house, electropop, electropunk and trip hop. In simple terms, we can say that Amnesty (I) turned out to be in the spirit of Crystal Castles, the same unpredictable, fair, and with inimitable atmosphere, which find themselves Crystal Castles would be labour. It is interesting to note that for full immersion into the world of Amnesty (I) require absolutely no one listening because this time Crystal Castles even more. There is no point in comparing Amnesty (I) with previous works, this is essentially a new concept that will evolve and go the other way.

Despite the fact that the duration of the is a little more than 33 minutes, Amnesty (I) turned out to be a complete work that makes you want to listen to again, and perhaps more than once. Interesting studio album by experimental band Crystal Castles. Pleasant listening!

24.10.2016 12:25:43

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Crystal Castles
Amnesty (I)

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