Dance With the Dead
The Shape

Musical duo has demonstrated a new level of performance and compositional thought...

Dance With the Dead released in light of the new studio work, which has received the name of The Shape. The album includes 10 songs, which took place on 6 February at the collective's own label.

Today we have on the agenda, dear listeners, excellent fresh release from Dance With the Dead. The Shape is not the first studio experience for the team and it is here, the musical duo has demonstrated a new level of performance and compositional thought.

As already mentioned, the Dance With the Dead consists of only two musicians who, in live performances, played on guitars and consoles. Actually, it came time on music component, it should be noted that The Shape is a perfect symbiosis of alternative metal and electronic, which are presented in various formats.

Many wondering, and how such diverse musical branches are in harmony with each other? On this issue the best novels in the light of the answer one of 10 fresh tracks. Everything is so harmonious that already it is difficult to imagine one without the other. An interesting feature of the plates is that the duo decided to not to overload this plate of vocals, so fans of instrumental and, importantly, the driving music is highly recommended to familiarize.

If you're wondering how looks high-tech music, Dance With the Dead, with its fresh studio work, impeccably will quench your interest.

08.03.2016 12:21:19

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Dance With the Dead
The Shape

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