Death Angel
The Evil Divide

Death Angel quite conservative in their musical views...

Death Angel released a new studio disc, which was held May 27 at Nuclear Blast and contains 10 songs.

Legendary us Thrashers Death Angel released The Evil Divide, who took eighth place in the discography of the group. Despite the fact that the authors Divide The Evil are not included in the legendary quartet of thrash metal, do not create unnecessary hype and star Paphos around themselves, they manage to throw enough quality and recognised by millions of fans of studio material. Death Angel quite conservative in their musical views, and this directly affected the spirit of The Evil Divide. Here you can see the familiar and uncompromising thrash metal, such as it was back in the 80's.

The Evil Divide has risen slightly in technical aspect - the sound plates became more relevant and excellent passing all the spirits and morale of the LP.

Many fans believe that the best album for Death Angel the whole music career debut longplay is The Ultra-Violence. Jump it The Evil Divide could not least because no one is so young as 29 years ago. However, you will be pleasantly surprised if compare referred to firstborn and fresh The Evil Divide. Fuse in place, the atmosphere hasn't changed, the music constituent is beyond all praise. What else do I need to enjoy first-class thrash metal? Death Angel and their new studio album will not be the eye-opener for devotional metalist, but won't disappoint. Pleasant listening!

10.07.2016 17:30:15

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Death Angel
The Evil Divide

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