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Spirit long before the became adorable and hotly anticipated...

Spirit became the new studio album for the band Depeche Mode. The album was released on March 17 at Columbia Records and consists of 17 tracks.

Legendary British this year, pleased the army of fans a new full-length album, which turned out to be, as always, superb. This time the wizard is not stingy on the number of tracks in the album and total 17 songs amounted to more than 60 minutes in the Deluxe Edition.

Needless to say about style when talking about Depeche Mode? Probably no, but if you're just getting started with the team, then you may also want to note that the Spirit is a fusion of electronic rock,  synthpop, new wave and alternative rock. Spirit long before its release became adorable and hotly anticipated and not because it has been four years since the release of the last LP from Depeche Mode. Already the single where's the Revolution, which was released in early February, it was clear that the album would be excellent.

In fact, expectations, Depeche Mode returned to its own roots, namely sound, from which the latest albums they diligently trended towards experimentation. Perhaps this is the main surprise of the new plates. Throughout the rest of the same, longplay turned out great. Here and memorable atmosphere and mood, and great sound and attention to detail that at first sight are insignificant.

Mastodon synthpop music Depeche Mode with his new, fourteenth studio album Spirit will satisfy any fan of music quality. We recommend becoming familiar. Pleasant listening!

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Depeche Mode

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