Trust No One

Good, fresh and high-quality full-length album...

Trust No One was for DevilDriver new album, which was released on May 13 on Napalm Records and consists of 12 fresh songs.

Californian metallers DevilDriver released fresh Trust No One, which was awarded seventh place in the discography of the band. Band has always been famous for its studio fertility, that at one point strongly affected the quality. Punching longplays, perhaps every two years, ended just before the release of Trust No One, on which the group took a little more than three years.

DevilDriver not hurry into thickets of experiments and continue to work at the intersection of groove metal and melodic death metal. Frankly it should be noted that Trust No One shows that the team can still create something worthwhile and worthy in his musical path. Composer's skill to Trust No One manifested itself with several other parties. Yes, definitely branded stuff in the sound stayed on longplay fresh direction, but felt a slightly different approach to creating tracks, and this, in turn, extremely impact on freshness. In the meantime, Trust No One debuted a new drummer, guitarist, and bassist, which generally explains the situation with updated material.

Trust No One is a definite breakthrough in the career of DevilDriver, which was vital. Good, fresh and high-quality full-length album is ready to please all fans from the main Metalworkers California. Pleasant listening!

17.05.2016 11:30:10

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Trust No One

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