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Transcendence turned on amateur...

Devin Towsend Project September 9 released their recent album whose name is Transcendence. Delux version of the disc has 21 song, which took place at HevyDevy Records.

Legendary guitarist long pictorial fly gang Strapping Young Lad, continues his career not only as a solo artist, but also in the new team. This time we will talk about the new studio album Devin Townsend Project. Transcendence took seventh line of musical formation. 44-year-old songwriter and performer worked in different style, but the most magnificent ideas musician can implement in progressive metal and progressive rock. On the Transcendence from Devin Towsend Project appeared and notes of symphonic metal, this is especially felt on the choruses and arrangements, though.

Delux version of the disc may invite its Transcendence listener demo versions of these songs, like Lexus, Canucklehead, Farther On, the Time the Overload and many others. Demo tracks provide a good opportunity to catch the spirit hovered on the songs at the time of their almost draft.

In general, the Transcendence from Devin Towsend Project turned on the fan, but if you follow the creativity of Townsend and simply are a lover truly progressive and interesting music, fresh plate Transcendence definitely should be of interest to you. Pleasant listening!

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Devin Townsend Project

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