Locked Forever

Despite the gray hair, Distraught could breathe life into the style...

Distraught released fresh plate, known as Locked Forever. The album is presented in the form of 9 new tracks, which took place on 12 November, on his own label.

Vivid representatives of Brazilian thrash metal spill release thirds of studio work, where passions are strained to the limit. Scintillating 9 submitted compositions prepared to satisfy even those listeners who prefer the classic format of the above-mentioned groups of the genre.

Distraught, as actual and their latest musical work, draw inspiration from legislators of the genre and it is clearly heard literally every song. However, Brazilians are not such musical manifestation, as groove metal, than you can see in the same composition.

Despite the gray hair, Distraught could breathe life into the style and show that there are field as for sound, so for ideas and experiments.

Separately, I want to say about the vocals, acting on the Locked Forever. Voice Distraught leader unequivocally fits full metal mayhem unfolding at longplay and coloring coming from was instantly selects the disc from many others. If you are a real fan of thrash metal, then get ready to plunge into the world of quality metal, which will be frank with you to the finish.

11.12.2015 22:56:42

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Locked Forever

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