It is intended to mutiny...

DOROTHY released fresh studio disc, which was called ROCKISDEAD. Longplay was released June 24 at Roc Nation Records and has 11 tracks.

Very young American musical formation, named in honor of their leader and frontman of Dorothy Martin, released his first full-scale work. DOROTHY took their creativity even in 2014, the year having won many hearts fans a good EP album, case still came, which was very good.

Very daring name Missouri strongly and fully justifies the complete tracks in it. Compositions are greeted us very aggressive mood, which resembles nothing more than the hard rock with a modern interpretation.

Quartet literally throughout Missouri falls asleep his hapless and happy listener simultaneously selected hits, which can be attributed to Dark Nights, Raise Hell, Wicked Ones and next on the list, almost without exception. Frankly weak songs guys from DOROTHY tried to avoid, and you soon personally verify.

Enough instrumental and nice female vocals from DOROTHY will definitely surprise you. And if you're a fan of professional approach to well-established cliche in rock music, then ROCKISDEAD clearly your choice. It is intended to mutiny, led by four powerful musicians. Pleasant listening!

19.08.2016 10:09:42

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