Dream Theater
The Astonishing

Complex structures, knotty guitar riffs...

Dream Theater released in light of the new studio work, which was called The Astonishing. The album consists of two parts. The first of these contains 20 tracks, and the second is 14 tracks. The album was released on January 29 via Roadrunner Records.

Legendary progressive metallers with the release of new studio work with Devil's dozen. Huge and fruitful way of Dream Theater continues, and metal composition does not intend to take the position, as evidenced in the us the album The Astonishing.

John Petrucci and company does not become the new delay with the full-length album. We remind that since previous eponymous work gone just three incomplete year. Recovering from the loss of one significant character in the composition of the band, namely drummer Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater, after not quite successful self-titled album, released Rehab plate and again showed the legislator who has progressive metal scene.

Firstly, of course, surprised the number of songs that were included in The Astonishing. When you start a conscious and careful listening, comes an understanding that every song here is not just so. All of the tracks, which is typical for Dream Theater, designed down to the last detail. Complex structures, knotty guitar riffs, drums and vocals good literate in the overall picture gives a magnificent album. Dream Theater have not lost and its corporate sound and some chips in sound that particularly pleases.

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Dream Theater
The Astonishing

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