Dub FX
Theory of Harmony Remixes

Even on the last song ideas and skill going wild...

Fresh release, Dub FX is the name of the Theory of Harmony Remixes was released on April 26 on the Audioporn Records. 

Crazy master beat-boxing is back on the scene with a new album after nearly a year. The April release is dedicated to releasing, as evidenced by the last word in the title of the LP. 

Australian guy named Benjamin Stanford for his entire musical career, which began spontaneously in the 2009 year, never used live instruments. Street beatboxer, as he himself was originally positioned, used to make music only their vocal cords, a variety of pedals with effects and sampler.

Theory of Harmony Remixes is ready to conquer dancefloors right now. The album is very lively and interesting. Besides the fact that Stanford has a unique approach to creating music, yet he is one of those guys who know a lot about building musical themes.

Throughout the LP, and it's not even tracks 19 to marvel at the amazing ability to make music, not having, roughly speaking, nothing. Original sounds a little repetitive during playback of the album, and they introduce to a screeching halt due to its originality.

The author has released not one release, and it is the Theory of Harmony Remixes is the quintessence of all his musical and vocal skills. Many ideas accompany all songs and are disclosed in full. 

Despite the fact that remixes is quite long, he manages to annoy and it may be noted that even at the last song ideas and skill going wild, that can transparently insinuate that Dub FX still have lots of thoughts that will spill over into further work.

04.05.2015 05:08:55

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Dub FX
Theory of Harmony Remixes

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