Light Flashes

Musicians gravitate to experiment seriously enough...

Dubbest 7 July released its new name plate which Light Flashes. Studio work includes 12 brand new tracks, which were recorded by in-house musicians.

Band Dubbest originates in 2009 year and during this time, the band managed to record a small two song demo and three full-length albums and the last of them, and it goes today. Light Flashes continued great musical traditions from the Boston band.

Well, for starters, it is worth noting that the Light Flashes are primarily qualitative reggae disc and the second great help to create a new musical genre. Quite simply, if you trace the chronology albums Dubbest, it can be seen that the musicians seriously enough to gravitate to all kinds of experiments. Most striking in these experiments that they cannot in any way be described. It's not even borrowing some elements from other genres, it is something that is unique and proprietary.

There at the Light Flashes and no different arrangements, which is filled with each of the 12-minute fresh tracks. Choose one track and mark it hit will come, even if try very hard. Musicians tried to make it so that tracks very seriously unbalanced and not find a song that would be allocated to one or other side.

Light Flashes from Dubbest is excellent and an iconic album for reggae. Perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a new genre.

1. One Thing (04:30)
2. Spend the Day (03:45)
3. Weeping Heart (03:42)
4. Leaving (04:39)
5. Give In (03:46)
6. Iron Paw (02:17)
7. End of the Road (04:27)
8. Escape Route (02:50)
9. Shower You (04:19)
10. Cross Pollination (03:49)
11. By Design (04:20)
12. Leave in Dub (03:52)
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08.07.2015 13:34:24

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Light Flashes

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