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Fans of Ed Sheeran lyrics longplay should enjoy the soul...

Ed Sheeran lyrics released a new studio album called ÷. The album saw the light of day 3 March on Asylum Records UK and contains 16 songs.

For young British performer ÷ became thirds studio album on which and ended tha musical trilogy, which began in the year 2011 with output +. In fact, since the beginning of this year, Ed Sheeran lyrics kindled interest its fresh singles, which before the release of the LP up to three. In our humble opinion, Shape of You was the most successful of them. It's also interesting to note that the Shape of You became one of the key tracks on the album as a whole.

LP was enough characteristic for the performer. She performed in the spirit of indie and pop. The album, however, noticeably lacking in character, which was in the previous longplejah. We cannot say that it has turned out simply disastrous ÷ fresh album is seriously different from the previous records and, in our opinion, not in a good way. Nevertheless, fans of Ed Sheeran lyrics new longplay should enjoy the soul if singles were evaluated in a positive way.

If you want to hear something primordially British, light and enough quality, a new longplay by Ed Sheeran lyrics entitled should you come to taste. Interesting enough studio work, which, unfortunately, is not without flaws. Pleasant listening!

12.05.2017 10:10:25
Genres: Pop, Indie, Indie Pop

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