I Am the Elephante

Lots of interesting ideas are enclosed in an excellent wrapper...

I Am the Elephante became the new studio album for Elephante. The album was released on his own label Executive Director 14 September and consists of 9 songs.

Young electronic musician who has already proved himself a musical world under the pseudonym Elephante, released the first studio disc under the modest title I Am the Elephante. It should be noted at once that the Elephante acted as composer, but on many different invited genre classics artists whose voices and not only helped transform the already good musical creation.

Author of Los Angeles wrote 9 different tracks, overall style which could be described as progressive house. Among the guests of the disc I want to mention, Nevve Jody Brock, Jessica Jarrell, Lyon Hart, as well as Bishop, who participated in an opening song titled album Closer.

I Am the Elephante's mood fluctuates from one extreme to the other, and the atmosphere almost everywhere remained bright and cheerful. Lined up on the composition I Am the Elephante as to selection. Even with particularly thorough listening was not able to identify plainly distinguished work that wouldn't have occurred to your liking, or vice versa. Extremely balanced job also feature guests.

Elephante and his new studio album, entitled I Am the Elephante definitely deserves your attention, even if you are not an outspoken fan of the genre. Lots of interesting ideas encapsulated in superior shell meets with which one pleasure. Pleasant listening!

13.11.2016 10:29:45

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I Am the Elephante

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