Emily King
The Switch

If you're a fan of Floetry, connoisseur and lover of Alicia Keys, Tama Waipara...

Emily King released third longplay, entitled The Switch. The album consists of 11 tracks, which came out on Making Music Records.

American singer-songwriter Emily King throughout his career resisting metamorphosis sound. From album to album, performer evolved each time something new and unique in their music. Emily King and her work The Switch performed on joints of indie, soul and r b music.

11 tracks from the album The Switch enough ragtag and differ from each other, but they share among themselves the stunning voice of Grammy nominated American singer. By the way, Emily King is the only composer of songs, but the singer has a whole Squad of musicians that will not only help the singer in implementing high-quality live performances, but also writing arrangements. Meanwhile, perfectly audibly, that plate professional musicians and worked on The Switch there are many live instruments.

Of the entire set of tracks we can note a small composition which is called Aya, which serves as a kind of interlude of the album and shared plate for play two awesome differ in their mood.

Emily King inspired to create his album artists such as Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and, of course, The Beatles.

If you're a fan of Floetry, connoisseur of Alicia Keys, the lover of Tama Waipara, The Switch from Emily King is guaranteed to be of interest to you.

05.07.2015 08:33:31
Genres: Pop, Indie, Soul, R'n'B

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Emily King
The Switch

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